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Description of detection air flows

Wireless real time temperature measurement (WRTTM) project deals with the measurement and evaluation of small and rapid changes of temperature in real time. The system has been specifically designed and developed so that the user can find ascending air flows in aeromodelling sport. Knowledge of current conditions of the air flow is essential especially in the categories of non-motorized and free flight model aircraft F1A - gliders. Also some categories where the drive is enabled. For example airplanes powered by rubber F1B - model aircraft with extensible motors "wakefield".
The device consists of receiver and sensors that contain fast-response temperature sensor with precise accuracy. One receiver can serve up to 250 sensors. At the airport, the sensor should be positioned on a mast in a remote location away from the place where an airplane model is being launched. The receiver device can be placed in any location convenient for the user. Measured data is transferred from the sensor to receiver using a digital transfer. Each kit has it's own factory set channel. The computer program plots a graph of temperature. Ascending air flows can be then determined by the visual analysis of temperature fluctuations on this graph.

Graphical program on PC looks like this: wireless real time temperature measurement

SW on PC in real-time displays color-coded graphs of received values. Setting options: The length of the time-line is set according to the number of the last value which the program display. It can be approximately converted into the time slot. Graph is gradually shifting. Graph dynamically adjusts its size as necessary. Setting the minimum of the range displayed on the Y axis

How the device behaves in real life, you can see the video recording:

The new version of the devices connected to the tablet:

Sensors is spared with receiver, Each set is working on its own channel.

It is possible to produce additional sensors. Sensor will be set the same value and will spared with the receiver. Four wireless sensor and receiver:
open sensor:
open sensor
detail inside of the box with electronics and sensor:
detail design of the sensor
New smaller wireless temperature sensors:
temperature sensors

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